Foundation Specialists inc. is the contractor who was awarded the rehabilitation and upgrading of seven bridges and the new construction of a major viaduct across the San Juan Water Reservoir, along the South Luzon Expressway [SLEX] being presently rehabilitated, upgraded and extended by the expressway new operator MTD.

The South Luzon Expressway is the major link between Metropolitan Manila and all the provinces south of Manila in the Philippine Island of Luzon.

The lack of a reliable railway system, makes SLEX the strategic link to the developing and the developed South Luzon Cities and Provinces, including the City of Batangas, with its new international container port, recently completed.

The first stretch of the South Expressway [as it was then called] was built by the Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines [CDCP] in the nineteen seventies, when the overall Philippine population was about forty million, and was never upgraded until the present rehabilitation and expansion , in spite of the fast increase of population [90 million at present] and of vehicles.

The rehabilitation and retrofitting of bridges along SLEX, as well as the construction of new bridges, was given by the Expressway Operator MTD to Foundation Specialists , in the year 2007.

Foundation Specialists, inc. ('FS' for short) is a multinational company with Italian roots. Founded in the 70's has been ever since as general contractor a recognized leader in the field of geotechnical engineering, deep foundations, bridge engineering and a designer- developer of construction methodologies and technologies, both 'ad hoc' (i.e. for specific project) and for general application.

FS head-quarters are based in Manila, Philippines, where Foundation Specialists, Inc. has been a leader of the local construction industry for the last 30 years in all fields of application of geotechnical engineering, deep foundations, bridge construction, marine works and infra development in general in the RP and many other Countries, where operates alone or in Joint Ventures with other companies.

In the RP, with a 'AAA' category rating from Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB):
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for general engineering and general building, FS has been engaging in the construction of large INFRASTRUCTURES [flyovers, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, wharfs piers, tunnels, roads, mass rail transit systems, hydro power schemes and irrigation schemes], BUILDINGS [residential, commercial, industrial, institutional], INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, MULTI-LEVEL BASEMENTS, projects involving large amounts of FOUNDATION WORKS, for almost three decades now.

Pioneering in the field of foundation engineering, FS has introduced technological innovations on foundation methods such as large diameter bored piles, barrette piles, diaphragm walls, tie-back anchor systems, slurry walls, grout plugs, multi-stage injected steel micropiles, soil-cement columns, vertical drains, ground anchoring, soil stabilization, among others.

Foundation Specialists, inc., a well established leader in the construction industry, has been known since inception for targeting and consistently achieving a high degree of Customer satisfaction, early projects' completion, high quality of work standards, sound financial management.

FS' deep involvement in R D, has permitted the development of technological innovations and of proprietory technologies in the field of engineering.


FS Permanent Soil Anchors, Post Tensioned

FS Large Diameter Bored Piles

FS Tapered Bored Piles

FS Sand-Cement

FS System Post-Tensioned Girders, 40 Meters Long

Girder Launching Using FS-Comtec Automated Girder Launcher

Steel Sheet Piles Cofferdam

Steel Deck Forming

Composite Scheme of Slope Protection

One-Day High Early Strength Concrete

Three-Days High Early Strength Concrete

PDA Dynamic Pile Load Test (High-Strain) Using 60 Ton Guided Drop Hammer

Pile Inegrity Test (Low-Strain)

Craneway for 100 Ton Crane

Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck Full Depth Diamond Cutting

Bridge Seismic and Structural Retrofitting

In-Situ Sandblasting

Controlled Multi-Stage Bridge Superstructure Demolition

Diamond Coring

Segmental Box Culvert Construction